Dr. Jacquelyn Rinaldi has spent the last eight years researching compassion and self-awareness as well as the effects of meditation on the psyche. 

Trained in archetypal psychology, her teachings incorporate the skill of compassion as a key to humanity’s next evolutionary process towards a more peaceful way of living.  Living more peacefully directly affects how we are able to relate in our personal relationships as well as our professional relationships.  As we become more effective and psychologically whole, we become more equipped to handle challenging situations with more equanimity.  We create with more ease with better results.

Dr. Rinaldi teaches self-awareness classes that incorporate mindfulness meditation as a key to living with such equanimity and effectiveness.  Effectiveness has as much to do with our delivery as with our message.  Often, we have something of great value to express yet our delivery puts others on the defense, building walls before the message can even be heard.  As often expressed in psychology, people do not remember what you say, they remember how you make them feel.  If others feel validated and heard, they will be more open to receiving new information and even constructive criticism and guidance.  Validating others opens doors in communication whereas defensive and harsh conversation shuts them.

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