Do you intentionally feed your compassion instinct?

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One day this wise Native America chief took his grandson on a walk about.  He says to his grandson, “There is fight going on inside of me.  It is a terrible fight between two wolves.  One wolf is evil, full of anger, envy, hatred, rage, resentment, greed, and arrogance.  The other is good, full of joy, peace, love, hope, kindness, empathy, generosity, and compassion.  The same fight is going on inside of you and every other person.”  The grandson thought about this for a few minutes and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”  The chief replied thoughtfully, “The one you feed.”  What if we fed compassion more deliberately?  How would that change how we, as human beings, show up for each other?  It is clear where and how we feed our destructive nature; a few examples are through the violence on television, in movies, and video games, as well as believing that some humans are superior over others for any reason—race, sexual preference, gender, financial success to name a few.  When we believe we [...]

Five Ways to Cultivate More Peace in our Lives

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1. Be a ware of your intake with Television, the news feeds our fear instinct and many prime-time shows are feeding violence and discord.  I am not saying never watch TV, just be aware of how much you watch, and which shows you choose.  Television is one source of food that we feed our psyche.  Suggestion:  Work on nourishing your mind with passion projects at least 2 nights a week instead of watching TV.2. 2. Practice mindfulness meditation.  Meditation is easy, you can’t do it wrong, there is nothing weird, hocus-pocus, or new age about it.  Mindfulness meditation is based in psychology and science, it is not a religious practice.  With mindfulness the goal is self-understanding.  In meditation we quiet the thinking mind so that we can see beneath the constant, unconscious chatter, that fills our minds.  We go to the gym to work out our bodies which helps us stay physically healthy.  Mindfulness is the gym for our brains.  Meditation helps our minds to stay healthy and it integrates all aspects of [...]