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All of us are powerful beyond measure, and often our thinking is what gets in our way when we fall short.  As we become more psychologically whole, we tend to get out of our own way and in turn act with clear, assertive, compassionate, creative, and innovative thinking—creating the life, family, and career we have always dreamed of. 

My approach to coaching is to create opportunities for my clients to widen their perspective, and if they choose, find a deeper understanding of why they do what they do and why they think the way they think.  In time and with hard work, doors appear where there were only walls.  As we understand the pushes and pulls from within our psyche—our unconscious—we often begin to question these default settings which creates a wider conscious perspective offering new choices and creating different outcomes.  Often these unconscious thinking patterns are what limit our success.   

The goal of coaching is not to give advice, it’s about creating an alliance with a seasoned professional who offers ideas and wisdom to push you in the direction of seeing more clearly. 

Coaching session are 50 minutes and are done in person or over SKYPE/FaceTime.  Often clients continue weekly sessions for years.  Some clients prefer a kick start of 6 -8 weekly sessions.  You decide what works best for your life and your needs.  Payment is made each week, for the current session—each session is $100.

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