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We are all more powerful than we can imagine, so why is it, that often we seem to unconsciously diminish or sabotage our potential?  As we become more psychologically whole, we tend to get out of our own way and in turn act with clear, healthy, assertive, compassionate, and creative thinking—creating the life, relationships, family, and career we have always dreamed of.

My approach to therapy and coaching is to create opportunities for clients to see a wider perspective; and if they choose, find a deeper understanding of who they are.  The more awareness we have of our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the more options we will see in life.  As we understand the pushes and pulls from within our psyche, we often begin to question our automatic responses, creating a wider view that makes new choices more clear and different outcomes possible.  When these automatic responses remain unconscious, they often create thinking patterns that limit our success with our relationships, our ability to collaborate with others, and leadership skills.  Often times these ineffective thinking patterns make it difficult for us to feel happy, peaceful, and at ease.  More often these patterns foster anxiety, depression, fear, loneliness, feelings of being excluded, inferiority, and difficulty making and keeping friends.

You can change the outcome of your life.  You can create more joy, more happiness, more success, and more meaningful relationships.  It takes hard work but the life of your dreams is waiting so let’s go–call now!

The goal of therapy and coaching is not to give advice, it’s about creating an alliance with a seasoned professional who offers ideas and wisdom to push you in the direction of seeing more clearly and living as your best self by reaching your potential.  The more clearly we see, the more freedom we live with in life.

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