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Corporate Solutions

Dr. Rinaldi teaches skillful conflict resolution, compassionate communication strategies, self-awareness, and mindfulness meditation techniques to corporate clients.  As your managers, team leaders, and employees understand more completely the drives of their own inner workings they will be able to see more accurately the needs and motivations of their co-workers, team members, and customers; this new perception that bares an accurate understanding of the situation gives your team members the tools to see and create more opportunities for win-win solutions. 

This curriculum teaches its learner to see the other with empathetic understanding as well as teaching the tools to find the self-restraint to provide a compassionate response even when challenging and heated situations arise.  Executives, managers, and team leaders will gain the tools to lead with more infectious inspiration and motivation as their communication skills become more effective and team members begin to feel more understood, safe, and cared about in the work place.  Employees and team members will learn to deliver feedback in a way that is effective and easy for customers and vendors to receive—even when the content is not the hoped-for outcome.  This effective communication creates stronger relationships and more opportunities for growth because both parties become invested in finding a mutually beneficial outcome. 

Effective conflict resolutions skills are developed through seeing the situation clearly which requires the development of accurate empathy, self-awareness, and proper self-esteem.  The combination of these attributes allow for assertive, direct, clear, and compassionate communication which changes the game when it comes to conflict.  In time effective conflict resolution skills will more quickly find amicable resolutions to heated discussions and conflict.

Dr. Rinaldi gives on-site workshops and training packages for businesses interested in using a compassionate, whole-minded approach to conflict resolution, management, and customer service.  Great communication creates opportunity for growth and trust–reducing reactivity, passive aggressive thinking, and hot-headed responses.  The principles taught by Dr. Rinaldi boost employees’ inspiration, creativity, productivity, and collaboration skills, creating a thriving corporate culture that breeds success.

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