Dr. Jacquelyn Rinaldi has spent the last eight years investigating compassion and self-awareness as well as the effects of meditation on the psyche. 

Trained in archetypal psychology—a combination of psychology and the spiritual aspects of the psyche. Dr. Rinaldi’s teachings incorporate deepening self-awareness as a key to achieving more psychological wholeness. Living with more psychological wholeness directly affects how we govern, lead, manage, inspire, parent, and relate in our personal and professional relationships. The more self-aware we are, the more apt we are to choose assertive, wholehearted, compassionate responses when challenging situations arise. As we deepen our self-awareness, we also develop greater clarity, compassion, and resilience.

Overcome your limited thinking patterns. As we become more psychologically whole, we begin showing up as the best version of who we are—creating more well-being, meaning, and success in our lives.

Dr. Rinaldi also teaches psychology at College of Southern Nevada, as well as speaking and leading workshops for corporate clients and conferences across the country.

Professional Memberships:
American Psychological Association
Nevada Psychological Association

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