Building the Best You 2021

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Strategies to Develop a Company Culture that Fosters more Safety and Trust--Catapulting the Success of your Team to New Heights The most effective leaders create and maintain trust within their teams. Trust makes teamwork possible. Building trust doesn’t happen quickly; it happens over time as employees see consistent, predictable leadership that promotes safety, clarity, and creativity. How do we become more aware of our trust factor? Would our team be more successful if we developed a more trustworthy company culture? Leaders who are kind, clear, direct, and vulnerable develop trust. When we see through our own distorted filters or when we shine a light inside our own thinking processes and beliefs, we see more clearly the limiting thinking patterns that may to be restraining our ability to lead our teams to their full potential. In this workshop we will learn tools to help build a more trustworthy company culture by becoming more transparent and self-aware as leaders, guiding our team to do the same.

Building the Best You 2021

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Show Up as Your Best Self in Life and Business 4-27-21 1pm – 2pm When we can show up as our best selves, we are more creative and productive. We are also more open to collaboration with others. Showing up in this engaged way creates a thriving environment and that gives others the drive to also show up as the best version of who they are. In this workshop we will learn greater skills to show up in every area of life as our best selves.


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